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Who are we?

The Architecture Students' Association (ASA) is the undergraduate student government of the School of Architecture at McGill University.

The ASA is a non-profit student-run society which serves as an organizational body for students activities and affairs - a way to voice academic and university issues, as well as a link to other architecture schools in Canada. The ASA would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and invite you to participate and get involved in this community!

The School of Architecture boasts a variety of student-run programs, parties, organizations, events, lectures, and competitions. Posters and announcements are often posted around the school or e-mailed through the weekly ASA Newsletter which you can also access on this website. 

The undergraduate study of architecture is challenging. The long hours and late-night studio brainstorming could be overwhelming yet undeniably rewarding. By the end of your study, you will be a lot more confident and intentional about your work. We aim to support all architecture undergraduate students with available resources for a memorable university experience.


Alison Frendo

(Marcus Chong W2024)

VP External


Alice Worden & Leighton Corp

VPs Administration​​

bbl 2.jpg

Lauren Kim & David Deck

Brown Bag Coordinators


Fidan Hajizada

Equity and Mental Heath Coordinator

Are you a current McGill architecture undergraduate student? Do you have any ideas for events, academics questions or just general wonderings?

Are you someone who is interested in applying to McGill Architecture for undergraduate studies, and is wondering what the program is like?
Don't hesitate to contact us!
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